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Shandong Zehong Steel Co., Ltd

Shandong Zehong Steel Co., Ltd. is a leading high-end manufacturing supporting service enterprise in the field of metal processing in China.
At present, Zehong has established a number of processing service centers and manufacturing service bases across the country, with customers covering multiple industries. Shandong Zehong Steel Co., Ltd. is a large-scale carbon steel and stainless steel production and sales company. It is the first-class agent of many domestic steel mills. The company's production center is located in Shandong, with a number of imported processing equipment, which can provide a variety of personalized services according to customer needs.The company's warehousing center provides 24-hour service and can handle the cargo distribution business for customers. Shandong Zehong Iron and Steel Co., Ltd. has set up branches in many places, with sufficient inventory, which is convenient for local customers.



Customized according to customer technical requirements

With the strategic goal of building an "internationally leading manufacturing supporting enterprise", Zehong is committed to building an automated and intelligent advanced processing service center cluster and high-end manufacturing supporting service base, giving full play to the "one-stop" service of steel material resources and the top ten processing With the advantages of technology platform, it provides a "package" of supporting service solutions for advanced manufacturing industries, continuously expands and extends the industrial chain, and enhances the value of the industrial chain.
In the future, Zehong will further develop customer needs from the perspective of globalization, and continue to further promote informatization, automation, intelligent manufacturing and network services under the guidance of technological innovation. Continue to improve the network layout of China's manufacturing industry, further subdivide industries, improve the technology and quality of parts and manufacturing facilities, and improve service capabilities. In order to accelerate the realization of the strategic goal of "the world's leading manufacturing supporting enterprise", inject surging power, create and share with employees, shareholders and the society, and grow together with the manufacturing industry.


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Stainless steel, carbon steel, galvanized products. The annual sales volume reaches tens of thousands of tons

Shandong Zehong Steel Co., Ltd

It is a large-scale modern steel complex integrating sintering, ironmaking, steelmaking, continuous casting, steel rolling, and metal products production processes, with an annual sales volume of tens of thousands of tons.


Perfect and timely after-sales service

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Our products are sold all over the world. It is a professional and reputable steel company manufacturer

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